About Us

Dianna Bowes - Creative on the MoveFueled by her mantra “If not now, when?” Dianna Bowes constantly expands her art repertoire, which includes painting, drawing, pyro-art, and journal-making. A proud member of the Painted Door On Main Artists Guild in Beaumont Alberta, Dianna has also been a graphic designer since before the dawn of the computer.

As founder of Fabulous@50 and creative director of Be Fabulous magazine, Dianna builds both community and the hearts and spirits of baby boomer women.

Dianna’s visual art often taps into her deep appreciation of nature, from the vast blue skies above the Edmonton River Valley to the jungle animals of Costa Rica, her current inspiration for a vivid series of paintings.

Most of all, Dianna believes art should be everywhere, and so loves to make art that people can move and use. Aprons, business cards, book covers and even the swing dance steps she’s learning right now. To contact diannabowes@gmail.com